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The 2015 Barrhaven Scottish Curling Bonspiel has come and gone. Thank you to all of you who attended and made the event such a BROOMING success!

This year 11 teams entered but by the end of night only one remained as the 2015 champion. A team captained by Gary Thomas, joined  by Barrhaven Scottish supporters David Couser, JG Jacob and Jim Craven , dressed in an attire that may not have seen the light of day in over 3 decades (Thank God), took home the top prize.

Special mention to “The Minions” the Sports Management Program members from Algonquin college, Mr. Rob Hicks and our club members with their homage to the Trailer Park Boys (and girl).

A special shout out to Greg Thaggard as well who was celebrating a birthday, won’t divulge which number plus I can’t count that high.

After all expenses were paid for, the club raised an incredible $779 for its senior programs! This is double of what was earned last year! Once again, thank you to all who were in attendance, your generosity is what continues to make this event such a success year after year.



-Phil Selig

with contributions from event co-ordinator Eric Reid & Mike Ouellette