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The stars of World Wrestling Entertainment’s Smackdown took over the Canadian Tire Centre on Tuesday Evening May 5th, and select delegates from the Barrhaven Scottish Rugby Football Club were in attendance compliments of John Bradshaw Layfield.

John Layfield more commonly referred to by his former in ring persona J.B.L is a former World Heavyweight Champion JBL Wikipedia , having spent more than 2o years battling it out in the wrestling ring. Mr. Layfield is also an accomplished investor and pundit on such issues, frequently appearing on Fox News and other media outlets to discuss investing and economics.


Mr. Layfield is also very involved in the rugby community on the small island nation of Bermuda

as part of a foundation Beyond Rugby Bermuda which aims to get at risk youth involved with the sport teaching teamwork and discipline as well as after school support to keep them engaged in the educational system.

The Barrhaven Scottish look forward to working together with JBL to build a relationship which someday might see the Scottish travel to Bermuda and these young Bermudian players travel to Canada.

John Bradshaw Layfield J.B.L
John Bradshaw Layfield J.B.L