Financial Assistance

At Barrhaven Scottish Rugby Football Club (BSRFC) we recognize that it can be expensive to play sports and strive to ensure that every child who wants to play rugby has the opportunity to do so. By alleviating the financial costs of enrollment fees, children can develop the confidence, social skills and healthy lifestyle attainable through sport.

To support all local kids who want to play rugby, we would like to provide the following links to well-established programs that are available to you that may provide up to $300 per child in funding against your registration fees. Most of these programs process your applications within 60 days, so please research your options early and apply well in advance to ensure there are no delays in your application.

Please note, while we do our best to ensure that these links are accurate and up-to-date, the information and program availability may change without our knowledge.

The BSRFC Sons & Daughters Fund

The BSRFC Sons & Daughters Fund is a Club program, with limited funds; which provides some financial assistance to players who wish to play rugby at the Club for the season, but who may not have the financial resources to do so and would suffer undue hardship as a result of the Rugby Canada, Rugby Ontario and BSRFC Registration fees.

Please contact the Club Secretary () if you wish to be considered for financial assistance from this fund.

Families are requested to apply to the above programs (Jumpstart, Kidsport, Their Opportunity) first and if additional assistance is required, you may apply to the Sons and Daughters Fund.