Indoor Training- CANCELLED

 It is with create disappointment that your club executive board has been forced to cancel our plans to start indoor training sessions next month.


We had secured Dome time and it was our intent to commence indoor training on the 3rd Apr and run seven training sessions until the city permitted us on the fields on the 15 May.


However, as everyone is acutely aware, Ottawa has transitioned back in the Red zone on Friday morning and banned team sports for an indeterminate timeframe. The best information we have indicates that since overall COVID numbers have been on the rise for the last five weeks, the city will remain in the Red category for in excess of 2 weeks at a minimum.


That uncertain estimate puts us mid way through April for the earliest potential start date. Further compounding the issue, are the current Dome refund policies, which give us cause for concern.


So, we are going to pivot and focus on starting outdoor training on 15 May.


We intend to have our 2021 registration system up and running by mid Apr, watch for that. We can get the administration out of the way and be ready to start as soon as we can get on the pitch.


Again, this is definitely not what we wanted, but it’s the reality we must live within. Stay fit, stay safe and stay sane. See you soon.