Minors Co-Ed Teams

Minors Rugby

The Minors age categories are for players aged 12 and under.  They are grouped in 2 year age categories : U8 (YOB 20015/2016/2017), U10 (YOB 2013/2014) and U12 (YOB 2011/2012).


The Barrhaven Scottish RFC minors programming is a fun, exciting and structured introduction to rugby.  Players learn to move the ball with interactive drills for running, passing and kicking.


During non-COVID times, teams participate in festival style play, usually every second weekend. Festivals involve teams from the Ottawa area and often visiting teams from Quebec and elsewhere in Ontario.  Teams also have the opportunity to travel to Kingston and further afield in Western Quebec and Ontario for festivals.  Festival days usually involve 3-5 games depending on the age category.


Please contact the Minors Director at bsrfc.minorsdirector@gmail.com for information

2023 Season

Registration – OPEN

Club dues for players registering for the 2023 season are:

  • U8 & U10 Co-ed Non-contact: $255 (YOB 2017 – 2013)
  • U12 Co-ed Introduction to Contact: $295 (YOB 2012-2011)

Registration dues include:

  • Spring Indoor Gym Training (1 x week for U8 & U10)
  • Spring Indoor Dome Training (1 x week for U12)
  • Outdoor practices ( 1 x week for U8, U10 and 2 x week for U12)
  • Rugby Canada/ Rugby Ontario trained and certified Coaches at all events
  • Rugby Canada insurance coverage and dues
  • Rugby Ontario dues
  • Barrhaven Scottish RFC dues (including but not limited to – field rentals, field maintenance, coaching certifications & registrations, practice equipment, all required COVID sanitation equipment, etc.
  • The opportunity to join the best rugby club in the Eastern Ontario region

Indoor Spring Training (Starts 4th March 2023)

U8 & U10

Where : Woodroofe High School

When : Saturdays

Time: 1:00-2:30pm



Where : uOttawa Dome

When : Saturdays

Time: 11:00am -12:00 pm


Outdoor Training (Starts mid-May 2023, when the City of Ottawa opens the fields)

U8, U10 & U12

Where : Rowan’s Pitch

When : Saturdays


9:00-10:30am (U8 & U10)

10:30-12:00pm (U12)


Where: TBD for 2023

When: TBD for 2023

Time: 6:30-8:00pm

Coaches for the 2023 season are:

  • U8 – Zack Mayo and Friends;

  • U10 – Jason Armstrong, JD Dyer and Sara Armstrong;

  • U12 – Arjan Brem, Royce Fu, Jeremy Rabinovitch and Scott D’Souza.

For more information please contact:

James Marcogliese – bsrfc.minorsdirector@gmail.com

Rugby Ontario Long Term Player Development 

U8 – “FUNdamentals”

This stage is made up of our Under 8 and first year Under 10 players. During this stage, the focus for players is on learning locomotive skills as well as improving their run, pass, and catching ability in a fun environment. Players will have the opportunity to participate in games that allow them to develop skills that are used in rugby as well as other sports.

The focus of this program is on having fun while developing the ABC’s of physical literacy – Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed. Additionally, participants will learn how to “read” what is going on around them and make decisions during games. This program helps to build the foundation for skill development in any sport, while introducing participants to elements of the sport of rugby (e.g. rugby ball and basic contact skills, like rolling, falling and bumping). Game play coed and flag.

U10 – “Learning to Train”

This stage is made up of our second year Under 10 and Under 12 players. During this stage, players learn the fundamental rugby skills, such as passing, catching, running and kicking. The focus of training is on introducing core technical skills and developing coordination and fine motor control. Game play is coed and flag.

U12 – Introduction to Contact

As with any contact sport, BSRFC coaches are very aware of the hazards associated with the sport of rugby. Contact is, however, an integral element of the rugby game. Using the correct techniques can help retain possession of the ball, continue the attack and minimise the chance of injury. The U12 level coaches take painstaking care to ensure that the fundamental techniques of tackling and being tackled are taught and reinforced during training. Coaches are vigilant to any player injuries and any occurrences are monitored closely as well as assessed prior to return to play is permitted. Game play can be coed or single gender.


My kid is small/big/new/shy/outgoing, can they join the team? 

Rugby is a great sport for kids of all shapes, sizes, athletic abilities and attitudes. Players are able to join through the program so it’s never too late.  Coaches will work with your player to bring them up to speed and make them a part of the team!


 What equipment is required?

Players are required to wear a mouthguard during practices and games.  A store bought “boil and mould” type mouthguard is sufficient.  During outdoor training sessions and games, it is recommended that players wear cleats for better traction. Rugby style cleats are not mandatory and soccer cleats are sufficient. The football style cleat is also permitted, as long as iit does not have a toe cleat. Players that have transitioned to contact, should be prepared for their shorts and T-shirts to become dirty and possibly ripped. Rugby apparel is normally made of more durable materials and is much more resilient. Team jerseys will be provided for games. Any other padding is not required and if worn must conform to International Rugby Board Laws. It is advisable to discuss any other padding with the coach prior to making the investment.