New Players

New players are always welcome, our Club runs programming from U8 to Old Boys, which accommodates and develops a variety of skill levels from beginner and recreational players to experienced, competitive athletes.​

For those entirely new to the sport, we recommend the Beginner’s Guide to Rugby from World Rugby for a better understanding.

If you would like to join you can register here.  

For more information before registering feel free to contact us. 

What equipment will I need?

Rugby does not require a lot of equipment to play and all you will need to be game-ready are:

  • cleats (soccer cleats are fine, talk to your coach before shelling out for rugby cleats)
  • mouth guard (we recommend and partner with ProSmile custom mouth guards, however more affordable ones are also available at most sporting stores)
  • Rugby shorts (we keep an inventory of available team shorts should you need to buy some)
  • socks (we keep an inventory of available team socks)

Please contact us if you need assistance finding any of these items.