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Rugby players and supporters frequently extol how different the culture of rugby is. What other sport do you drive your opponent into the ground putting both theirs and your own body on the line yet celebrate as if you were teammates post match?

This spirit of a terrific game has been embodied by Gord & Kathleen Stringer and their dedicated team (including the Barrhaven Scottish) in the push for #rowanslaw and the bill which if enacted will make concussion protocol a reality in the province of Ontario.
In recognition of their courage and advocacy they were recently recognized at the Ottawa Sports Awards as the first recipients of the Martin Cleary Spirit of Sport Award.
Ottawa Sports Awards

The Stringers wouldn’t stop there as just mere days later they headed to Toronto to be key speakers at the Rugby National Conference.

 Rugby Canada has launched a program aiming to increase awareness regarding brain injuries.

Out of terrible tragedy has been the push to discuss the realities of concussions while pushing for frank solutions to keep players on the field playing the sports they love and giving the tools to the supporters and staff who make the playing of games possible.

The Stringers presence and words coincide with Rugby Canada launching their “PLAYSMART” initiative, being one of the first sports to be ahead of the curve on concussion awareness.

 Rugby Canada is pleased to announce PlaySmart, our new player welfare system! The program aims to educate players,…

The discussion is growing which can only serve to help protect our athletes while keeping them engaged in athletics. You can still support the push for concussion protocol in Ontario by going to and signing the petition.