Good morning Scottish,

For those of you who were not aware of the announcement last week, Twin Elm Rugby Park(TERP) has been named one of the four finalists in the Kraft Heinz Project to win up to $250,000.00. Kraft Heinz partners with TSN and RDS to provide much needed funds for communities looking to build better infrastructure to provide places of play for many. More details in the attachments.

We are well aware that our home field is Rowan’s pitch, however TERP is home to all of the other clubs in Ottawa and our squads do play a significant amount of rugby out there. It not only makes sense, but it shows solidarity within our rugby family to make things better at the facility.

So yes, this week, many of you will be inundated with promotions and reminders to get ready to vote and yes, this might be a little annoying, however it’s for a great purpose. The voting starts this Friday at noon and runs until Sunday at noon, everyone can vote as many times as they like. This is how we win, by flooding the system with votes. Please do!!!

The Scottish are starting things off with a “Voting party” at the Royal Oak Centerpoint at 5pm on Friday. This is not formal, just show up start voting and encourage as many others to vote as well.

Stay tuned to our website or FB site for details and the links when they are released.



Club President