Rugby Canada Men vs. USA Men’s at 4 pm

Ontario Blues vs American Rugby Premiership Selects at 6 pm

Rugby Canada has extended an amazing offer to attend this great double header. These offers are being extended to EORU and FRQ teams. Attached are three order forms that offer discounts for group purchases for General admission and Premium Grandstand tickets.

If you purchase between 10 – 39 tickets you will get a 10% discount

If you purchase between 40 – 49 tickets you will get a 40% discount

If you purchase over 50 tickets you will get a 50% discount

The deadline to have these orders forms into Rugby Canada id August 1st. Please chose the correct order form based on the number of tickets you want to purchase. You know you are coming so get together with a group and save big. All other regular priced tickets can be purchased at events.rugbycanada.ca.


About the Day

On August 22 we are doing something we have never done before. We are hosting league matches on the back fields early in the day and two internationals late in the day. As you can probably imagine this type of a day is providing us with some challenges. Great challenges to have but challenges all the same.


The biggest issue will be parking. For international matches we used the back fields for spectator parking and the front lot is reserved for the International players, staff, VIPs, Official..etc. On this day we will not be able to park our regular FRQ/EORU players on the back fields because we will be playing on them. SO THERE WILL BE NO ONSITE PARKING until 2 pm. We looked at many options including off site lots, other transports but could not come up with any logical solution. If you are participating (players, fans, therapists) in a league game you will need to get dropped off at the park. If your team is planning on bringing a bus there will obviously be no fee for the bus but the bus will not be able to stay onsite. If you are bringing a bus please contact Steve MacNeil (). After 2 pm parking on the back fields will be open at a cost of $10. Your parking fee will cover your parking as well as give you a ticket for a cash prize draw. This draw will take place at half time.

Change rooms

The men’s change rooms will be closed all day in preparation for the International. The eight teams playing on August 22 will be sharing the four women’s change rooms and showers. The entrance to these change rooms are located on the west side of the building. The women’s change rooms will need to vacate by 3:00 pm to be cleaned as they will be needed later in the day for officials. Please pack and plan accordingly.

Kit Bags

Since many of you will not have cars to store your kit bag in, we are currently working on a solution for kit bag storage.


2015 CANAM- 50for50 Order form

2015 CANAM- 40for40 Order form