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A tough winter for Twin Elm Rugby Park turned into a lovely spring opening, as well the spirit of Old Boys Rugby was on display.

A solid crowd of supporters, many expressing they couldn’t remember the last time a crowd of this size had been out for Sunday games, little yet Old Boys, proves the strength of the Ottawa Rugby community when they are engaged and mobilize.


After a competitive schedule of games on Saturday, the Old Boys took over the front pitch, and even though few plays were taken off, the reality that the game at this level is about getting a run around and celebrating after was evident.

The By-Town Blues have revived their Old Boys team this year and were scheduled to face stalwarts The Ottawa Senators, unfortunately as most new teams can attest, finding numbers in the outset is tough. The Scottish and Indians Old Boys kicked off at 1:30 in a hotly contested opening period, when on the fly it was decided to turn the afternoon into a round robin.

After the Indians and Scottish battled to a draw in the first 25 minutes, the Indians then amalgamated with the Blues to face the Senators in the next 25 minutes instalment. The Scottish after a brief respite then came back to face the Senators, ensuring every team got a full game in.

Results were less important, for all intents and purposes each session ended in a draw, than the reception afterward at the Twin Elm pub.

The Scottish Old Boys have also released their official Fixture Schedule which can be dowloaded here

Barrhaven Old Boys 2015 Schedule



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