Vehicle Magnet Fundraiser!

Hey Scottish,

We know everyone is itching to get back on the pitch, we feel your pain. However, at the same time we need to raise some money to repair and purchase equipment.

To help us do that, we have recently purchased 250 – BSRFC branded vehicle magnets for purchase. Stickers on our vehicles is such a commitment; with magnets, you can remove them whenever you chose. These magnets are designed for application on vehicles. Thicker than standard magnets giving them a stronger hold. Printed and finished to last longer due to UV and weather changes.

Note: the manufacturer does state that the magnet adheres to all “CLEAN” ferrous metal surfaces, so clean your vehicle before applying.

How can I order me some magnets, I want to represent!!!

They are $10 each, its first come first serve and we only have 250.

Etransfer your payment to This account is set up for direct deposit, so no need for a security password.

IMPORTANT: in the etransfer notes, please include:

1.      Your name (sometimes the banking information does not provide the correct name of the purchaser.)

2.      The number of magnets you purchased. (for cross reference)

3.      The email that I can connect with you to coordinate pickup.

Pick up

During the week of 8-12 Mar, I will pick a couple of nights and hang out in the parking lot at Sir Guy Carleton Secondary School for an hour or so. (That is across the street from Algonquin College). Don’t worry, I will email everyone who made purchases and remind them before hand.

If people still cannot make it to those two pick up nights, I will arrange another pick up night or coordinate individually.


Let’s go Scottish!!