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A club for all​

What are the most common words used by members to describe Barrhaven Scottish RFC?
Community, friendship, family, lifelong connection, social, inclusion and diversity.
No matter why you join you will have a new family for life.
This is why BSRFC is a proud community pillar, and believe in growing rugby in Ottawa.

A quality club

Ottawa rugby and Barrhaven Scottish RFC are synonymous.
This is because the club offers top tier coaching, development programs and management.
All Scottish teams are also known for delivering results in a winning atmosphere.

Goodbye stress, hello fun

Whether you join us on the pitch, in the stands or at social gatherings we guarantee an open and FUN environment.
Throw off the shackles of work or school and get some great exercise (or just a good time) while reducing stress and getting outside in the fresh air!

About Rugby

Rugby is a full contact team sport, which originated in England in the early 19th century. Based on running with the ball in hand, it is played with an oval-shaped ball, outdoors on a level grass field. Rugby football has a long history in Canada dating back to its initial appearance in the 1860’s.

Ottawa Rugby

Rugby in Ottawa is growing steadily with BSRFC existing as one of the pillars of this community.

Programs & Development

At Barrhaven Scottish RFC we believe in having fun, building a community and also the development of our players. Hard work pays off. This is what makes BSRFC Ottawa’s premier rugby club.

We follow the Rugby Ontario Long Term Player Development program and have had great success sending players to represent at provincial and national team levels.

Through this program we have proved that the Ottawa rugby community can produce some of the top talent in the country.

Programs for all ages!

Learn more about our programs.

Recent News

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